Is your website PPC Ad ready?

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Two common myths about Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

  1. Once the bidding process for PPC Ad is completed the website will rank in the first position & on the first page of Google.
  2. PPC Ads are always successful as they are the paid ones.

Frankly speaking, that’s not true. PPC campaigns are costly and sometimes the keywords don’t rank as per our expectation not because the campaign went wrong but because the website was not ready for a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad campaign.

How to know whether the website is PPC Ad Campaign ready or not?

If your website has the following issues, be sure that your website is not PPC Ad ready

  • Structure of the website is not as per the search engine’s guidelines.
  • Content on the website is inappropriate (not according to the product or services offered by the company)
  • Content is duplicated on the website (Google promotes only quality and original content).

When is a website PPC Ad ready then?

If your website fulfills following criteria, be sure that your website is PPC Ad ready

  • Well-structured website i.e. according to the search engine’s guidelines.
  • A website is filled with Unique and Quality Content.

What are the other things to take care of before starting PPC Ad Campaign?

  1. Budget is fixed as per the current Cost Per Click (CPC) rates.
  2. Budget is finalized as per the ad requirements.
  3. The website is ready for PPC Advertising Campaign
  4. The Competitive Keywords selected for the campaign are worth investing for.
  5. The target audience is fixed (Location, Age, Social Status, Culture, B2B or B2C) as per the company requirements.

What is the mode of running PPC Ads?

  • PPC Ads run via Google AdWords

Who runs Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Campaigns?

What are other popular paid AD campaigns used for promoting businesses these days?

  • The few other popular paid ad campaigns used for promoting businesses are Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.

Two important things to understand in case of paid ads like PPC is,

  1. PPC Ads run only till you keep paying for them on Google.
  2. Bidding is done on a few competitive keywords as per the target audience and the budget of the company so it becomes necessary for the company to be sure from all the sides.

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